Monday, July 30, 2007

Nevada We the People Institute (WtP)

This year's institute began with introductions of the staff. The Institute facilitators are Marcia Ellis and Mark Towell. The mentors for this year's Institute include:

Marcia Ellis

Mark Towell

Milt Hyams: One of the first participants in the We the People program in 1987 as a high school senior. He now teaches the WtP curriculum at Reed High School and acts as a mentor to others engaging in the program. His interest in the program is that it works with all levels of learners. Te program trains thinkers and citizens.

Kit McCormack: The WtP program was created by retired Justice Warren Berger. She started using the program because the books were in her classroom and used them for seven years before being trained in the program. She is currently the Teaching American History grant coordinator for Washoe County. She finds that the high school participants make great judges for the middle and elementary school programs.

Angela Orr: Learned about the program when dog sitting and "caught the bug" for the program when doing student teaching at Reed High School. She is currently a teacher at Damonte Ranch Middle/High School. She came to appreciate the program when she found that her ELL and special education students could be successful with the program. The children's excitement also led to parents being involved in the school.


Anonymous said...

Miss orr rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D. said...

I agree. And... if you can talk her into letting you video record her or students doing some of the hand movements she teaches in class to reinforce vocabulary, I'd love it. I had some of the videos linked to this blog, and they were lost due to a technical malfunction. I refer to them often and wish I had samples to share.