Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NECC 2007: SIGTE Forum: Tools to Assess the Use of Technology for 21st Century Skills

The SIG-TE Forum had three invited guests from SRI including Angela Haydel DeBarger, Corinne Singleton, and Britte Cheng. They spoke on several projects inclufing Principled Assessment Designs for Inquiry (PADI), strategic learning consulting projects including Apple 1:1 computing and iPod initiative evaluation toolkits, and the Online Evaluation Resource Library.

Angela presented on the PADI project. The project recognizes the inherent problems in assessing complex skills, and breaks out skills into individual tasks. Each task can then be assessed indiidually.

Corinne presented on the Intel Skills for Assessment Rurics. These seem to align much more with contemporary methods of assessment. Our group preferred this approach because it was multi-modal including multiple artifacts as well as teacher and student perspectives of learning.

Britte introduced the the OERL Library of Assessment Tools. Our table was very pleased with this online tool and the availability of these resources. Colleen Swain suggested that, in alignment with the SIGTE reolution, SIGTE lead an online discussion (perhaps using Illuminate). Discussion attendees would all review assessments within the OERL before the session and these would be the basis for discussion.

Note, SIGTE also blogged this session.

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