Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Course Designs: Are Special Needs Bring Met?

Dr. Mark Horney and I would like to to thank the American Journal for Distance Education and the Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning for the honor of receiving the esteemed Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Distance Education in memory of Charles and Mildred Wedemeyer. We hope that our research may continue to open the back doors for students who might otherwise be marginalized.

The citation for our full paper is:
Keeler, C., & Horney, M. (2007). Online course designs: Are special needs being met? American Journal for Distance Education, 21(2).

For an overview of the study, view this video interview between Rosemary Lehman and Drs. Keeler and Horney.

Presentation Slides
Presentation Notes
Data Sheet


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