Friday, March 18, 2011

CUE 2011 Conference Notes

  • National Park Service WebRanger Program: Games leading children through activities introducing them to the National Parks.
  • Motivate and Engage Student Using Games by Nancy Gibson: She presented on myriad game types available online. Some examples include:
  • Content Generator: Teachers add content and the app creates several games.
  • Word Duck: This ap allows you to enter content and games, like Hangman, are created.
  • Rice: this site includes pre-established quizzes. For each answer students get correct, they donate rice to a needy country.
  • Quizlet: Recommended by a session attendee, this site is a very powerful quizzing tool for vocabulary study and Flashcards.
DodgePodge 5.5:
  • SepiaTown: Allows users to upload historical photos in the exact location where they occurred. This allows a visual of change over time.
  • Evernote: It is available on all platforms and allows you to keep all your notes, including audio. It also includes OCR technology so you can scan business cards and keep track of the information.
  • Poll Code: allows you to create polls to build into a blog or course site.
  • StatPlanet: Shows graphs such as drugs and crime, employment, education, cell phones by location.
  • Mikogo: Creates a quick and easy desktop sharing resource. It's a great way to help others with tech support. It also allows for web conferencing.
  • Visuwords: this is an alternative to Visual Thesaurus that shows the parts of speech.
  • Aviary: This site includes myriad productivity tools including an image editor, music creator, screen capture, audio editor, etc. It can serve as an alternative to programs like Audacity or GarageBand.
  • Aniboom: This site allows advance children to create intense animations.
  • Public Profiler: This allows you to see the frequency of names around the world. For instance, you can look up names like Jesus and Mohammed.
  • Do Ink: allows you to create quick flash-based animations using pre-existing tools
  • Tripline: Enables to to plan a trip given specific plans. Students can illustrate planned travels with text, music, and pictures. Consider having students plan a trip through Asia stopping at main locations of the Silk Road.
  • Qwiki: Gives and overview of whatever you type using audio, text, and video focussing on general in for information. It's a great alternative to have children gain an introduction without Wikipedia.
  • Crowdmap: Enables you to see where people are clustering (focusing on dealing with natural disaster aftermath) and the issues of concern are occurring in that location.
DEN Stars and Other DEN
  • Animoto: A great way to create a quick videos with cool audio and video. All they have to do is add the photos.
  • Some great Discovery Resources
  • Head Rush
  • Teacher and the Rockbots and other songs

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