Monday, June 28, 2010

ISTE 2010: Dodge, "What is Engagement, Really, and Where Can I Get Some?"

News Dots: Ask students what story interests you the least and why?

360 Cities: Allows you to look at cities from a photographic 360 degree perspective.
  • Compare/contrast cities
  • Have students find examples of high-density and low-density populations, high and low GDP
  • Where would you rather live?
  • Place novels in context
  • Prepare for an annual Washington, D.C. trip
  • Consider geometric shapes in architecture
  • Create a 360 City of your community and describe its history
Have an observer randomly choose 4 four students and observe them for three-minute intervals while you teach. Ask them to determine the level of engagement for each of the students. Are they engaging with each other? The teacher? Materials? The content?

Engagement is about looking closely at what everyone in your classroom is doing.

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