Sunday, March 8, 2009

CUE 2009: "50 Ways to Use Video Streaming" and "Walk with the STARs"

Check out songs in Discovery Streaming.

Have students listen for certain words during a video and clap or stomp when they hear those words. This helps keep students listening and engaged with the video.

Celebrate students’ birthdays by having everyone look at what happened on their birthdays using the calendar feature. One teacher starts the day fifteen minutes early and shows the videos from the day. The door is closed until school is to start and you cannot view the videos if you weren’t there early.

For the slidesteaching specifics about discovery streaming, visit and go to “The Bird Cage.”

Use gCast to immediately post podcasts from the phone. It uses a 1-888- number. has books you can read online and see the pages.

Use to play Nasa-related games.

Go to suggests where you might want to meet between two people and what type of meals might be available.

X Timeline is a good timeliner creator.

Comics are available for the making from Comiqs, Blabberize, Pixton, …

Brain Blaze, iFlash, Trace, EduBlaster are great games in the Apps Store in iTunes. watch iPod is a mega-VCR is a great way to learn how to use iPods.
is a great place to find live stop watches. allows you to find Flickr images that are sorted and searchable by color.
is a means of creating digital stories quickly using pre-designed characters and backgrounds. allows you to make posters online that are clickable. allows you to put in one or two graphics and have the characters look like they are talking and you can record audio. allows you to make rock videos. You can access it for free as a DEN Star.

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