Sunday, August 5, 2007

WtP: Simulated Hearing

Our week at the We the People Summer Institute concluded with a simulated Congressional hearing with esteemed judges (organized by Shane) including:
  • Judy Simpson — "The Mother of Civic Education in Nevada"
  • Dr. Kathy Obenchain — University of Nevada, Reno
  • Martha Gould — Washoe County School District
  • Denny Gear — Teacher
  • Fred Lokan
  • Travis Souza
  • Marcus White — Harry Reid's Office

The Judges in the Courtroom

A View of the Courtroom

Judges were introduced individually with special recognition of Judy Simpson for her passion for civic education and how this passion has driven civic education in Nevada as well as internationally. She has been training individuals in the We the People program for 21 years.

Congressional Hearings

The Unit 1 judges took their places and the Unit 1 participants greeted each judge individually while he audience stood. The lead judge read the questions for Unit 1 and the team began to present. This model continued for all units, with changes in judges and Unit teams following each presentation.

A View of the Audience

Units 1 and 5 (Angela's Group)

Units 2 and 4 (Kit's Group)

Units 3 and 6 (Milt's Group)
(This is my awesome E-Team group!)

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